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336Meets Legal Pit drifting in North carolina the best legal hooning in nc


Legal Pit, Hooning, Drifting in North Carolina

What We Do

Drift Night Info

$10 a person (CASH ONLY)11y/o and under are free

Entrance includes:
Access to viewing the pit
Permission to enter with your car in the pit
Concessions available at location
A good time with good people

If you can swing it, you can bring it. Everything from dedicated drift cars to daily drivers are accepted. Donuts, Burnouts, Drifting, and Tandems are all open game. If you don’t want to swing, just coming out to watch is encouraged

Caraway Speedway
2518 Race Track Road Ext, Sophia, NC 27350
Remember CASH only

Spectator Drag Info

Helmet Required
Seat Belt Required
1 passenger per run

2518 Race Track Rd, Sophia, NC 27350

$10 per person
$10 per car going on the track
$20 Total for you to drive your car on the track

6-8pm Open Drags
Individual or Race 1v1
Roll start
Single lap
Open track

8PM Comp
Single lap
Flag start
1v1 single elimination
Free to enter comp
More open runs after comp
Ending the night at 11pm

336MEETS 2024 Event Schedule

$10 a person – Gates Open at 6pm – Pit Open 6:30-11pm

Sat January 6th*
Sat February 17th
Sat March 16th (DJ Cheeto)
Meets resume to normal $10 for April
Sat April 6th

Sat May 4th
Sat June 8th
Sat July 13th
Sat August 17th

Sat September 28th
October 19th*
Sat November 23rd

$10 a person and $10 per car on track – Gates Open at 6pm – Drags From 6:30-11pm – Comp at 8pm

Spectator Drags:
Sat January 6th* (12-5p)
Sat February 17th
* (12-5p)
Sat March 2nd (canceled weather)
Sat April 20th

Sat May 25th
Sat June 22nd
Sat August 3rd (Crash Show Collab)
Sat October 5th (Crash Show Collab)
October 19th* (12-5p)
Sat November 23rd
* (12-5p)

* on these days spectator drags 12-5pm, Drifting/open pit 6-11pm